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We have been training students in the use of high technology for over ten years. We excel in taking complex subjects and breaking them down into easy to digest bits.


Our founder, Greg Lennon, is a licensed Realtor in Colorado and regularly "Caps" for Keller Williams. As his Market Center's Technology Coordinator he is always evaluating new ways to utilize technology in his business.

About Us: Greg Lennon - Founder / Principal Trainer, Agent Evolutions

Greg Lennon ABR, CMRE, ePRO, SRS

Founder, Agent Evolutions

Greg came to Real Estate after a lengthy and highly successful career in the broadcast television industry. After over 15 years as a Graphic Designer in the live sports side of television, Greg moved into the equipment supplier side of the business in 2002. As Senior Product Specialist, Product Manager and eventually Director of Product Management at Chyron Corporation, he was responsible for much of the training and product marketing initiatives that were required for his portfolio of products. This included giving highly complex sales presentations to industry leaders on nearly every continent and developing innovative new ways to market his products in a highly competitive industry.

Greg's background in technology has proven to be very beneficial following his move into to Real Estate. As technology becomes a more and more important component to lead generation as well as marketing listings, his ability to adapt and master the myriad technologies in our industry is unique. Greg utilizes various forms of technology in all aspects of his business and is constantly evaluating new or existing systems to help streamline not only the agent's time, but that of clients as well. 

As the Technology Coordinator for his local Market Center, Greg is committed to sharing his knowledge with his fellow Realtors. His traditional classes taught at his local market center are well attended. In addition to those classes, Greg also shares his knowledge electronically in the form of regular "Tech Tips" videos aimed at communicating knowledge to other agents that are unable to attend regular classes.