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Web Design ServicesMany agents think that just because they have a property search website that they are good to go. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that virtually every agent has a property search site. The fact that you have a website makes you just like every other agent in your marketplace. If you want to truly evolve your business, you have to ask yourself how you're driving traffic to that website. If you've just got it sitting there, how are buyers and sellers going to find it?

Advertising certainly works from that perspective, but it has a limited shelf life (for example, advertising stops working as soon as you stop paying for it). Done correctly it can be very effective, but for long-term traffic generation you need to be expanding your web presence and providing links that will ultimately drive traffic back to your main site. Microsites are perfect for this. Create a site specifically about your farm area communities. Post community information there and make it a destination that residents will go to for the latest news.

Custom property websites are becoming almost a required item in successful agents' listing presentations. This is especially true for luxury properties where sellers look for any unique value proposition a potential agent can bring to the table. It is no longer good enough to register a URL and have it point to the property details on an agent's website. A properly constructed property website goes much deeper into property details than can be found on search sites and includes analytical data tracking so that agents can provide definitive proof to sellers that their marketing strategy is working. 


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