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Videos for Real EstateVideos should be a very important part of any website's SEO strategy. Google loves it, which helps your page rankings. Even better, your site's visitors like video content also. It helps them to quickly digest information on a variety of topics. From an agent's perspective, it also positions you as not only a subject matter expert, but shows clients that you are tech-savvy. If you aren't using video on your website yet, you need to start. Now. Consider this quote from a recent Forbes article on the importance of video in your SEO strategy:

"It’s no secret that incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is becoming a normal and necessary evil. On the one hand video is great because it typically brings more engagement and interest to your website than traditional articles...on the other hand, video SEO is an entirely new animal and one more thing you have to conquer."

That being said, creating good video content can be difficult for some agents. There are programs like Adobe Voice that make creating graphic and image based videos a cinch, but it does still take some (albeit little in the case of Voice) to create something worth sharing. We offer a great selection of content that can be customized with your branding that you can use to evolve your business into the video age. Here are some examples.

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