Have Us Design Your Evolutionary Logo

Logo Design Services

Our team  of highly experienced graphic designers can take your branding to a whole new level with a fresh, modern logo design. If you are committed to being a truly evolutionary agent, your branding should reflect that also. Just like with home staging, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Your online web identity will make or break whether buyers or sellers choose to contact you in person. A professionally designed logo helps to subconsciously convey strength, competence and ability. Put your brand above your competitors!

Sample Logos

Logo Design Sample_01
Logo Sample 02
Logo Sample 03
Logo Sample 04

Step One

Personal Consultation

We will analyze your current web branding to understand your present situation. A one-hour consultation with the designer responsible for your project will give us the information we need to move forward with your logo design. This will include discussion about color, the ways in which you plan to use the logo and any concepts you wish to communicate to the public.  

Step Two

Initial Design

Our designers pledge to have an initial design back to you within seven business days. This initial design will incorporate the concepts that were agreed upon during the initial consultation and can be considered a "first pass". Three alternatives (all inspired by the same initial concept) will be presented to help us narrow down what you like (and don't like) about the design.

Step Three

Revision Phase

We are committed to your satisfaction with your new logo. To that end, the cost of our logo design services includes two complimentary revisions. This way, once we present a design to you we can continue to evolve the design to your liking. In our experience, two revisions is sufficient to design a logo that communicates your message in a professional and effective way.